I've not been a good blogger this week, but I have an excuse. My sweet little cat was spayed last week. And then she decided it'd be a good idea to try and get the stitches out a few days later. So, between vet visits and outfitting her in an E-collar and onesies, I've been busy. The little Houdini got out of the E-collar last night, but she didn't lick the incision thankfully. And the onesie is just hilarious, but she can get out of that too.

So I sit here watching a cat much closer than I'd like and obsessing about my wardrobe for conference. I did manage to do some shopping yesterday, since I had to go out and get the onesies, and today will probably be dedicated to trying things on. And slipping the onesie back on the cat.

For conference tips, check out my friend Marilyn's blog today over at the Writing Playground. Got any conference tips to share? Leave them in a comment! I can always use a good tip. 🙂