We're at T minus 15 for my conference departure, so the shopping/packing/planning begins in earnest starting NOW. In good news, I realized yesterday that my original GH/RITA dress does indeed FIT! Woo hoo! See, I'd thought that even though I lost the pounds necessary, there was a cup issue in the bust. Noooo, there was a correct brassiere issue. Got the right one, all is good, I shall be wafting around in a teal dress with, I hope, silver sparkly shoes (they are on order, see pic — if they don't work, I'll be shopping for something different).

Though it will no doubt horrify some people I know (PC), I've just today printed out all the confirmations of events I'm supposed to be at so I can put them in my planner. (Other people did this at least two months ago. Alas, that's not me.)

I also need to confirm my luggage restrictions. I'm on American, the cheap b*stards, but I bought my ticket before they starting charging for the first bag. Somehow, I have to get at least 6 pairs of shoes, plus a week's worth of clothes, into one suitcase. Really, romance writers heading to a conference should be given special baggage considerations. ๐Ÿ™‚

If you're going to conference, have you planned every minute out yet? Or do you intend to wing it? Are you finished shopping? Have all your outfits planned? (Not me, but close.) If you aren't going to San Francisco this year, what sort of non-conference plans do you have? Will you be following the conference blogs, or doing one of the online mini-conferences?