more cat pictures

Random thoughts inspired by picture (and a few that aren't):

1. Oh if only. I am not as organized as I'd like. I haven't started my conference packing list. I haven't even considered all the clothes I will need for the various events. Editor meetings, agent meetings, a champagne reception, a retreat featuring agents and editors, etc. Yikes!

2. I bought a beautiful filing cabinet recently that I intended to organize with all my important papers, both writing and household. Uh, no, haven't done it yet. It's a purty thing, but it's disorganized as h*ll.

3. What the heck is that cat wearing?

4. How is it my husband can play World of Warcraft for three hours straight, but not be able to think of a single thing to talk to me about when he gets home from work?

5. Alabama is HOT. My yard needs rain. My sprinkler system costs too much to run on a regular basis.

6. I successfully talked the hubby out of declawing the cat at the last minute. She went for a spay only. I don't like declawing cats. I don't think it's natural and I didn't want to put her through the pain even though my vet does laser surgery. Regular trimming of nails, training to use a scratching post, and we're good to go. Besides, the cat who *really* could use his claws out is too heavy to get it done.

7. Waiting for news on submissions is HARD. Checking the mail is cringe-worthy. The relief one feels not to see a white self-addressed envelope is ridiculous.

8. I think all those people who for the last several years have been tolling the death knell of paranormal romance because it was over-saturated are WRONG. Wish I'd realized it 3 years ago. Vampires, while a bit overdone, are still appearing at an alarmingly regular rate.

9. Wish I knew what the next big trend was. Not just writing, but in general. It'd be nice to be on the leading edge of something for a change instead of running flat out crazy in an effort to catch the train.

10. What's on your mind?