It was so successful last week that we need another Talk Back Tuesday today! (Well, okay, it made *me* feel better….)

Today, I'm complaining about my bug service. The technician drives up and sits in his car, then puts an invoice on my door. He did not spray anything. I am ticked. Still, not wanting to get him in trouble (I'm too nice), I call and explain that I'm pretty sure he didn't do what he was supposed to do (I *know* he didn't do it). The supervisor informs me he has never, ever had a call about this guy in the past. I said, “Well I'm sure he's a nice person, but he's also human. It's hot, and he did not get out of his truck. I can promise you that.” I felt like it was my word against the tech's, and of course it is, but still — why would I make this up? Who wants MORE chemicals sprayed around their house?

Anyway, the supervisor is sending him back out today to spray around my house. But how will I know he did it? I'm sure he will do it this time, having been caught red-handed, but how will I know that he'll do it in the future? Every time I see that invoice on my door, I'm going to wonder.

Would you change services? Or would you give them another chance? This is a known chain, not just a local company. What is your tolerance limit for stuff like this? Hubby thinks I'm too nice, but I think everyone deserves the benefit of the doubt. Still, as we continue forward from this point, I'm not sure I trust this guy. *sigh*