Oops, I got sidetracked this weekend and never got around to writing a new post for the week. 🙂 We in Chez Harris were supposed to trek to the Big Easy over the weekend. There, we would attend a family reunion on my dad's side, tour New Orleans, and take a trip down the River Road where we would stop at plantations like Oak Alley and be amazed.

Alas, it never happened since, as I reported last week, my dad had a minor car accident. So what did we do instead? Nothing exciting. On the 4th, we went shopping for a bit, then went to my parents' house for a cook out (it rained, naturally). Saturday, home projects took center stage — and Saturday night, we trekked over to Decatur to see the Alabama Blues Brothers perform. They are AWESOME. If you like the Blues Brothers, these guys do an amazing job of bringing all the fun and liveliness of the movie and SNL performances to the stage. Great time.

Sunday, more home stuff — hubby put together some closet organizer things and I went shopping for flowers and groceries. Yeah, seriously exciting.

So now it's Monday, and I have that disorientation that a long weekend brings. You know the feeling, don't you? Where it's time to get back to work and all you can do is think about the laziness of the weekend?

I'll leave you with a little taste of the Alabama Blues Brothers. This is a promo for the concert we attended. I'd definitely see them again. Talented guys.

What'd you do this weekend? Anything fun?