Fellow Heart of Dixie member Rhonda Nelson used to have a “Whine About It Wednesday” on her blog when she was still doing her individual blog (she group blogs at The Soapbox Queens now). I loved WAIW. Today, after reading an article about people texting on their cell phones while driving, I need a Talk Back Tuesday.

Not to put too fine a point on it, but what the f**k is wrong with you people?! Why would anyone take their attention off the road to text message someone? Personally, I think chatting while driving is bad enough. And yeah, I've done that, though not for very long. I have NEVER texted. Can't imagine even trying.

Apparently, the worst offenders are between 16 and 30. Yeah, big surprise. If you idiots want to kill yourselves, have at it. But how dare you endanger me and my family with your selfish ME NOW attitude? The worst part is that laws against it are practically unenforceable. People text in their laps, or with the phone even with the steering wheel — not as blatantly obvious as talking. Fining them doesn't work.

I have an idea. How about while texting and driving, you don't wear a seatbelt either? Why obey any safety rules or suggestions? It's only important that YOU do what you want and have a good time, right? Yeah, right. Come to think of it, those speed limit things? Mere annoyances stopping you from having a good time. Speed all you want. Have a drink or two as well. Text away.

But please, when you decide to run off the road, don't hit me. If you wrap your car around a telephone pole or a tree, at least you will have had a good time up to that point. You rebel without a clue, you.

Anything bugging you today? What do you think about people texting and driving? Am I over reacting? Am I a fuddy duddy? Or do I have a right to be frightened of the teen barreling toward me with her eyes on her phone instead of the road?