I think I must be a maniac. I've started another book. I've barely recovered from the last one, and yet an idea cropped up. I've written about 1500 words, so not much at all, but enough to get the idea simmering.

It's hard waiting to hear back on the book I just sent, but I'll distract myself with a new one. I think. 🙂 I just have this antsy, can't sit still feeling. I can't putter around the house, catch up on the laundry, breathe, go grocery shopping, or any of the things I've neglected. No, must start another story. I have delusions of grandeur that I'm like Nora's soul sister or something, but yeah, right. *g*

Must calm down, must put on the wisdom cap and know I'll be waiting a while. Must think straight, must decide what is best to write at the moment. Must not neglect San Francisco preparations in crazy hazy desire to write new story….

What do you do when you've finished writing a book? Start another one right away? Or take a break and enjoy life a little bit first? How do you get off the treadmill?