I went shoe shopping the other day. I brought home two pairs of high heels. Hubby says, “You didn't used to like shoes so much. What happened?”

I know I tilted my head like a puppy hearing a funny noise. And then I reminded him about my close first-name relationship with the Italian shoe guy in Germany — the man would set shoes aside in my size, and then whisk them out for me whenever I came in. I bought several nice pairs of Italian leather shoes. *sigh*

But when we moved to Hawaii, I gave up shoes. I wore flip-flops, or slippahs as they're called there, for three years. I am now back to living where I need shoes. Hence my shoe-shopping the other day. And RWA National is coming up; definitely need shoes.

Seems as if I've landed in the right local chapter too. There is a cult of the shoe in Heart of Dixie. I love it. ๐Ÿ™‚

The shoe I want is here. I believe it's safe to say I won't be owning this shoe anytime soon. In fact, when I told hubby about it, he gave me the puppy head tilt. And then he said I was crazy, off my rocker, nutso.

Yes, I crave a pair of Christian Louboutins that cost $900. Hubby doesn't think I need them. The good news (I hope they fit right…) is that I've scoured the web and found a pair that look just like that — for under $60. They aren't Louboutins. But if you see me wearing them in San Francisco, let's just pretend like they are. ๐Ÿ™‚

Any shoe fetishes to report? Designer clothing? Other expensive things that seem a bit frivolous? (Yes, I can't imagine WHY that shoe costs 900 bucks, but it's a lovely thing. Nude heels are all the rage, you know.)