Not yet, but he's going to be. In the Harris house, we have a cat who likes to knock things over. He's very good at it, too. He's broken lamps before. Routinely knocks over water bottles. Do NOT leave a glass of wine out. He'll knock it over and then try to bury it. So what did he try to knock over that nearly got him killed?

I have a piano (nope, can't really play). On top of the piano I have some knick knacks. One is a lovely young lady playing a piano. I didn't think much of it until my mother said, “Uh, you might want to look that up. I think it's pretty valuable.” It's a Lladro, a piece of Spanish porcelain, and it's very beautiful.

Still, I wasn't thinking it would be like astronomical or anything. So, I find the cat on the piano with his paw on the Lladro. The figurine is making a sort of glassy chunking noise as it moves over the top of the piano. I yell and toss the cat into a room to chill. Then I research.

OMG, the twerp almost knocked $1200 onto the floor where it would have shattered and been worth ZERO. I'm thinking of killing him. Or maybe I'll just move the figurine.

So, have your kids or pets ever broken something valuable? Ever ticked you off severely because you CANNOT have nice things!? (Wasn't it Bill Cosby who said that? We can't have nice things because of you…) Has something gotten broken and then you realized after the fact that it was valuable? Grrrr.

Maybe tomorrow this blog will return to its regularly scheduled writing-type posts…. 🙂 Idiot cat.