Hmm, after several months of non-stop work, I find myself bookless. Bookless as in I don't have a book to write. What shall I do? Work on the lawn? Do the laundry? Clean the house?

Um, NO! I'm going to catch up on my reading and WRITE another book!! Like most writers, I don't lack for ideas. I have several. I could write the next book in my romantic suspense series, or I have another idea for a Presents novel. Probably, it'll be the Presents I get to work on.

Why? Because I had SO much fun writing the last one and I want to do it again! Writing that book was like coming home. Crazy, but true. I'm a little bereft at being done with Alejandro and Rebecca's story. (Though maybe I'm not done at all — revisions, you know.)

I'll probably also finish the proposal to the next RS — just because I love the story and want that blueprint available. ๐Ÿ™‚

Writers: what do you do when you finish writing a book? Immediately start a new one? Revise the old one (I should mention there were two drafts of TSMR to this point)? Take a break and play? Cry and miss the characters? Want to blow them up? (That was me with HOT PURSUIT.)