Some women change their hair when they're in a new mood. Me? I change my website. ๐Ÿ™‚ No, it's not changed yet, so clicking over will produce the same pages as always. But, I can't ever settle down with a look. (Notice my blog changes from time to time — like today.) I visit other sites and I want to change mine.

Lately, I've been worried about how strongly my site is geared to my romantic suspenses. I have a dual writing personality now! I need to reflect the classic romance/Harlequin Presents side of me, and so I've been working on something that combines the two in a plain (for now) way.

I plan to pay someone to develop a site (or sites), but I can't do it yet. There's the issue of name, for one thing. What name will I write under? I am very flexible about this. I am open to the idea my name may not be the best for selling books, but it's a bridge I plan to cross when I reach it.

Bottom line for me is that this is a career and I plan to do everything necessary to succeed at it. If separate names are the ticket, I'm there. If a completely different name from my own is best, I'm there. If I need to pay a web designer, I'm there. (Hubby, if you're reading, quick, look over there! Is that a naked woman/iPhone/new TV — or something equally interesting to you I see? Quick, better click over!)

So, what are the best writer sites for you? Is there a site you like, either for the colors or the ease of use or the graphics? If you have a website, did you pay someone? Do you plan to pay someone eventually? What do you think about homemade sites with popular site builders? Does flash bug you (it does me)? What about music (ditto)? Anything I missed? Give me your thoughts! ๐Ÿ™‚