I'm tired of the medical profession in some respects. Going to the clinic when there's no one else waiting to be seen, and then waiting for 45 minutes in the exam room without anyone coming to say anything — sorry, Dr. X is running behind, he's on the 15th hole and expects to finish the course soon — is ridiculous. And we pay for this privilege.

I applaud medical people, and I thank them for taking care of us. I really do. It's not an easy job. But why does it take so blasted long for the doctor to see you when no one else is ahead of you? When there are about 10 nurses running around and no patients — or maybe one or two in an exam room somewhere? Why can't anyone come and tell you when to expect Dr. X? Am I wrong in thinking it'd be nice to know when to expect this vaunted and necessary person's appearance?

And is it just me, but do you start to think because they've put you in an exam room and closed the door that perhaps they forgot you were there? I truly am a patient person. But 45 minutes alone in a freezing, silent room is a bit much, I think. TELL me Dr. X is busy. Tell me he's running behind, we're sorry, etc. I am patient and understanding. But sheesh, my time is worth something too! Thank heavens for the iPod Touch. And books.

Yeah, so that's what I did over the weekend. How about you?