A couple of months ago, Hubby bought me something I said I didn't need. A 32GB iPod Touch. I was happy with my Nano (the generation before this one that plays video) and really, 4GB was enough. But he insisted. He said I'd need it at the RWA National Conference this summer.

Yeah, right. He's never been to conference. He has no idea that you're lucky to snatch 4 hours of sleep a night, much less have time to listen to music.

But, oh my, I've fallen in love with this thing. I have videos on it. Music. Audiobooks. I can email. Watch You Tube. I can rent movies from iTunes to watch while traveling. Am I sorry I have this toy? No.

The other day, I had a doctor's appt. And they stuck me in the room to wait for the 30 minutes it takes the doctor to arrive. I read a book for a while. And then I watched videos. Awe-SOME.

Yes, this baby is going to San Francisco with me. How did I ever live without it?

Any toys you can't do without? Electronic gadgets that enhance your writing or make it easier for you to be organized? Do you even have an iPod? I can remember when I scoffed and didn't want the Nano. WHAT was I thinking? 🙂 If you do have an iPod, do you have your content organized? I admit to being too lazy to make playlists….