I love Home & Garden Television. I enjoy watching people try to figure out which house to buy on House Hunters. And International House Hunters, especially when they're in Europe, is a lot of fun too. I like Designing to Sell, love Candace Olsen's Divine Design, and enjoy Get It Sold and Buy Me. And the outdoor stuff is cool too, especially Landscaper's Challenge and Ground Breakers.

So I was totally, completely unprepared for what happened the other night. Hubby's flipping channels as I'm working on my laptop on the couch. He comes across something called Mobile Home Disaster — on Country Music Television, not HGTV.

I thought it was a joke at first. But it really wasn't — though it WAS funny.

I nearly wet myself I laughed so hard. Maybe I wasn't supposed to laugh, but dang, these people go around and remodel trailers. Now, I've lived in a trailer park in my life (as a kid) so I probably shouldn't be so uppity. But it wasn't the remodeling that killed me. That was actually done amazingly well and the trailer was gorgeous when they were done. Couldn't even tell it was a trailer on the inside.

No, what made me giggle myself senseless was the family. The man actually kept a knife, salt shaker, and shot glass in a bathroom drawer. When the host asked what the slice marks on the countertop were, the woman explained that her fiance cut his limes there. For his tequila shooters. In the JOHN. Am I the only one who finds that hysterical?

Hubby's talking about putting a cutting board in our bathroom now. I'm pretty sure he's joking…

Have you seen this show? Or seen a show equally as hilarious to you? Because I was so amused I'm going to DVR this baby now. Who knows what other gems I may learn (besides taking my alcoholic libations in the bathroom)…