Can you believe this is the last week of Idol? Tonight, the Davids face off. I already know which David I want to win. I've bought every last one of his Idol songs, and I love to listen to them. David Cook is the one for me. But, David Archuleta is likely to win because of the pre-teen/teen texting fan base who are in love with High School Musical and think he's tres cute. *sigh* So popularity and some talent will probably beat the mega-talent. Not that I'm all that worried for David Cook. He'll do fine, and I'll buy his first post-Idol CD when it comes out. I will not buy Archie's, however.

In other most rotten news, CBS canceled Moonlight. What the hell are they thinking??? Paranormal romance is one of the hottest genres going, and Moonlight was drawing respectable numbers, especially as the plot thickened. The first few episodes were cliche, true, but they seem to have found their stride now. And the writers' strike couldn't have helped. Viewers faded away in disgust. They'd have probably been back next season.

My favorite show, Life, will be back on NBC this fall. This is a cop drama I loved. The dialogue is good, and the guy who plays Charlie is fun to watch in action. This is a revenge/justice show with money, Zen sayings, and a lot of fruit. Great stuff.

My other show is ABC's Pushing Daisies. It'll be back too, thankfully. I don't know how far they can take this one, but I'm in it to see. Cracks me up every week.

In case you've been on, oh Mars or something, the last few months, here's one of David Cook's best live performances. He's amazing. Wait for the high note….

What shows are you looking forward to? Did they cancel any of your favs? What about Idol? Who do you want to win?