I occasionally look at my horoscope because it can be fun. This one blew me away. How did he know?

My songwriter friend Darius has created some fine music, but he periodically goes through phases when everything he produces sounds contrived. It's not writer's block he suffers from. During his bouts with bad composing, he's often teeming with ideas. The problem is that he gets caught up in a vortex of too much thinking. He can't stop his mind from tinkering endlessly with every raw impulse that wells up. Recently he joined the Immersion Composition Society, an organization that helps “talented basket cases” and “tortured geniuses” cut through their tendency to over-analyze and thereby reconnect to their pure inspiration. One technique: Musicians agree to take on firm deadlines that compel them to create songs wicked fast. I hope you find the equivalent assistance for your own field of expression, Virgo. The time is ripe for you to dissect less and build more. [emphasis mine]

Dissect less and build more. OMG. This is so me. I get caught up in a whirlwind of ideas and can't seem to distill them. And then I practice avoidance while I figure it out. But, apparently I need to give in and write in a flurry — I can always fix the bad stuff, but at least I'll get a true narrative unencumbered by too much thinking.

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Have you ever gotten a horoscope (or another prescient piece of advice) that was so right on the money you were amazed and grateful for it? Please share!