So many things going on lately! Overnight, it seems, I became a working writer. Now, I sit in front of my computer and read my WIP and think, “Will my editor like this? Am I going off the rails in this scene? Is it too much?” I'm new to working with an editor, but I think she'll rein me in if I go into left field too much. Of course my fear is that she'll read my work and think they've made a mistake in picking me as the winner because it's obvious I can't follow directions. *G*

Seriously, I think these are the things that go through every writer's mind when she sells or, in my case, gets an editor for a year. You suddenly wonder what they see in your work and whether or not you can repeat it. My answer to a friend who felt this way would be, “Of course you can! They aren't dumb, and they know you can do it or they wouldn't have chosen your story!”

So, I'll take my own advice and stop fretting. Too much. 🙂

But really, I'm having fun with these characters and their story. I wrote two entries for the Harlequin contest; the Spanish Magnate was my second entry. I knew when I wrote it — when I was writing it — that it was special. I didn't know it was good enough to win, but I knew I had something. I could feel the depth of emotion in my characters, in their situation, and I wanted to keep writing about them.

I've always heard writers talk about how they knew a certain manuscript was THE one. I felt that way about THE SPANISH MAGNATE'S REVENGE. I didn't know if the editors would agree with me, but I had that feeling deep inside, that giggly happy feeling you get when you know something's right. As a Presents reader, I was positive I'd get a request out of it, that it fit the line even if it needed a lot of help. The outcome was more than I'd hoped.

So I'm working on finishing, and I have editorial notes to keep in mind as I work. But it's still fun, writing this story, and I still love these characters. And I know I can do it, even if I get twisted up with self-doubt from time to time. 🙂

Have you ever known a book you were working on was THE one? If you've gotten a revision letter on a mss, did it scare you or did you jump in with both feet? More importantly, is it Spring where you live and are you enjoying the warm weather and flowering plants? I miss Hawaii in the winter, but when Spring hits, I love the new leaves and flowers, the gentle breezes, the birds and butterflies and warm sun. Spring is about possibilities, isn't it? 🙂