What's mad about today? No idea, but it sounded catchy. 🙂 No, in fact, there's nothing mad about today. Except I can't seem to get myself started with my revisions. I left off on Friday in a good spot — basically, I'm rewriting a scene from the hero's POV instead of leaving it in the heroine's. I know what happens next, know where I have to go. But I guess I've been second guessing some choices I made in the novel. Should I axe this character and subplot? Does he do anything to forward the story, or is it confusing?

I've already axed one character and subplot because it was unnecessary on the rewrite. Now I'm wondering if this other character is unnecessary. *sigh*

Hubby helped me with an idea for a different book last night. It was fun bouncing ideas off him and, as usual, he had a really good idea for the heroine that I hadn't thought of. This book is simply in the concept phase. No pages written, no names picked out, nothing. But I think it could be a cool book. Naturally, it's in a different sub-genre than what I'm currently focusing on. Though, in fact, there is a military character, but it's more of an urban fantasy.

On tap for today: finish the d*mn scene. Go get propane for the grill. Write pages of a different book for a contest. Straighten up living room before mother stops by for a visit.

(Why a rocket? Because this is Rocket City, of course. Photo by hubby.)

How's your Monday Madness going? What do you do when the little voice tells you to cut characters from the book?