Where does the week go!? It's been a strange week in some ways. First, lots of rain. That was good. Wednesday AM, tornado sirens. Not good.

Trouble sleeping, but that happens when my mind is working overtime on a story. Or, in this case, three stories. When I lie down, my brain will not stop writing. The dialogue keeps coming, the words keep flowing, and I just can't write it all down or I won't sleep. I trust that I'll remember the truly important stuff, and for the most part I do.

I've also been watching American Idol, which seems to produce some odd folks. Do some of these people really, truly believe they are any good? Or are they hoping to get a William Hung deal out of the appearance? Because it's amazing who shows up to audition. I can't get over it, and I'm sad for some of them because they believe this is their one and only shot out of the life they have. What about the kid living in his car? They put him through, but I'd be surprised if he survives Hollywood week. I was so sad for him, that he's that young and that deluded (not about the singing, but about his life). He needs to go home, get an education, and do something with his life, not live in a car. He's 17 for pity's sake! He left school in what had to be his senior year. Amazing. Somebody please talk some sense into that kid.

And the girl whose father died in a car accident while she was on her way to the auditions. Whoa. And she could sing her butt off, too. Amazing she was able to audition. Some might think she was cold for pressing on, but I think it's a tribute to her dad and what he wanted for her.

Truthfully, I don't remember but a handful of the people going to Hollywood. Loved the rocker nurse. The beauty queen was scary, but she wasn't a bad singer (though Simon wanted her to be bad). So, guess I'll be tuning in week after week, getting annoyed (like last year, my first watching), and waiting to see if the best singer gets the boot (Melinda, for instance) or wins the whole shebang. Hubby loved Jordin, but I thought her singing voice was whiny. Sometimes quite lovely, mostly whiny. At least for me.

It's going to be a long and irritating Idol season…

What's your reality show pleasure? Are you rooting for Idol this year?