There comes a point, with every book, when you have to know when to quit. Not quit the book, but quit fixing the book. Quit trying to make it fit an ever-changing vision. When is that point?

Damn if I know. This is where I am today, sitting here after a painful day of trying to revise (the contest winner, no less) and wondering if I've totally gone off the mark. Do I have enough suspense? Does the dead body show up too late? Is the threat to the characters too simple? Not scary enough? Is this book category or single title? Is it too dark for category and not dark enough for S/T?

Truthfully, I do want to quit the book. I want to shove it in a drawer (or a computer file) and forget about it for the next several months. Can't do it, though. It hasn't seen the light of day, other than a couple of contests. I have a request for it, but I can't seem to let it go, can't seem to feel it's right enough to send out.

I have other stories in progress, so I'm not just working on this one. But I can't see this one anymore. I can't discern the pluses and minuses. It's all bad or it's all good. I can't see shades of gray.

So it's the end of the day and I'm tired. I haven't even thought about dinner (thank heavens for that new grocery store, right?). The hubby is on the couch, the cats are bugging me, and it's raining. Hard. Calgon, take me away….

Do you ever reach the stage where you can't see the book anymore? Where it's just a big pile of rubbish you need to sort out? What do you do?