A new Publix opened yesterday about half a mile from my house. Talk about happy! The closest grocery store was approx. 5 miles away before. Not far, but when you just want to dash out and grab something you forgot for the recipe you're making, it's a bit of a pain to drive across town.

So what's the secret I have to confess? *sigh* I grow science experiments in my refrigerator. Not the pretty truth, but there it is. I tend to forget what's in there, and when things get shoved to the back, they just disappear off my radar screen. I also buy things I intend to use, but somehow I forget I bought them and they go bad waiting for me to remember they're there.

Awful, huh? I am a neat person, I keep a clean house, I wear clean laundry, I make the bed every day. But I can't manage to throw out food before it sprouts green fuzz. Or, worse, liquifies (hello veggies in the drawer).

It's time for a fridge party. The kind where I get the trash can and reach to the back of the fridge, wondering what manner of odd thing I'll pull out. And then I can go to the new Publix and buy new things. And hopefully remember they are inside the gleaming stainless box.

Now, totally off topic, but over at the Writing Playground yesterday, they had three fabulous and successful writers talk about their new paranormal anthology. What cropped up in the comments, however, was a discussion about process and self-doubt. Fabulous advice from Roxanne St. Clair, Allison Brennan, and Karin Tabke! Go read this post and the comments that follow.

Do you have any ugly secrets you'd like to confess? Or have you gotten any fabulous writing advice you want to share? Am I alone in my fridge neglect, or have you made green fuzz too?