Okay, I'm done with the Cassie Edwards thing. See the previous post. There's plenty of talking going on about it, and I am horrified she's alleged to have stolen passages from a Pulitzer prize-winning book, but I'm not about to attack her personally. She messed up, she should apologize, but why she did it and why she thinks it's defensible, I'm not about to try and figure out.

Instead, how about some links? My CP always gives fantastic links to timely writer stuff, but I'm just going to trot out some I've come across lately that I enjoy. How about layering? Here's a blog post from Gena Showalter, detailing how she first writes a scene and then how she fleshes it out. I learn a lot from these kinds of examples, so I appreciated this a lot.

Julie Leto also has a fantastic article about layering on her website that I love to read.

Here's a post about pace from debut author Jordan Dane. She also has a great one about writing a synopsis and one on the 9-act structure. Surf the site.

Something we talked about at my HOD meeting this weekend: Show Me the Money.

An important link for all the contest judges can be found here. I'm judging a couple of contests now, and I refer back to this from time to time. I don't want to hurt a writer's feelings, but I want to tell them if I think something should be worked on some more.

If you're writing romantic suspense, check out The Lab. Awesome site.

Any links you'd like to share? Any you refer back to time and again?