Yesterday, I did something you are never supposed to do. I bought a dress that's too small because I loved it and I intend to get into it. It's not way too small, but I have a few pounds to go if I want to wear it.

How could I pass up a Calvin Klein formal gown on markdown at Ross? I couldn't. I've gained nearly 20 pounds since moving to Alabama. This does not make me happy, as you can imagine. Too much good Southern cooking, and not enough exercise. In Hawaii, I could walk to the track. Year round. There's no track close to my house now, but that isn't a good enough excuse.

So now I'm motivated to get into this dress by the National conference. I want to sashay through the hotel in this gown. I want to feel like a million bucks in a gorgeous designer dress.

I know it's wrong to buy clothes that don't fit in the hopes they will. Typically, I don't. But, well, it's Calvin Klein. It almost fits. It's gorgeous.

Have you ever bought clothes that don't fit because you just couldn't pass them up? Because you wanted the motivation? Did you succeed in getting into them?