I'm not really blue about the company being gone. The holiday was great, we had a wonderful time, but I just can't work with people around. Maybe if they lived down the street instead of in another state. But since they come so far, and are here for about a week each time, I feel like I need to be available to go sightseeing and shopping and stuff.

The hubby was off from Thurs through Sun. We stayed home on Thanksgiving, naturally. Friday, we drove to Tennessee and went sightseeing at an old mill. We also headed up to Sewanee and enjoyed the beautiful grounds of the University of the South.

Saturday was this place. I bought an espresso machine. Saturday evening, we toured the Galaxy of Lights.

Sunday, we went to visit my parents and see how their house is coming along for the Christmas Tour. I'm tired just recounting all we did. This morning, my house is quiet. Oddly quiet, though I usually like it that way. But it takes me a little while to get used to it again.

I have to get my GH entry out the door this week and I don't feel like doing any of it today. But I have to. This is the danger zone, that period of time between when you work hard on a regular basis and when you take a break that's a little too long, a break that makes you start thinking maybe you really aren't cut out for this business. One rejection at a moment like this could set you back for weeks.

I've been there before, been vulnerable and listened to the demon of doubt when the Christmas Eve rejection came in the mail. I won't do it again, but it's easy to think I might on a gray, cold morning when the house is quiet and my mind hasn't yet settled down to business.

Do you have trouble getting into the groove again after time away? Or do you keep working even when the company is there?