So last night, at 2:17 AM, my hubby's cell phone rings. He finally manages to realize it's ringing, to grope for it on the nightstand, and to answer it. Finally, he says, “You have a wrong number.” What happens next is kind of funny. I can't hear what the person is saying, but hubby says, “Yes you do. I'm not him.”

Person argues.

“Do too.”

More arguing.

“Do too.”

And, finally, “Goodbye.”

By now, I have to use the facilities. When I return, the phone rings again. I hit ignore and silent. It keeps ringing for AN HOUR. Not that I hear anything, but I can see the face light up again and again, even though I've turned it over. Then I hear the ding of a text message. And another one. Finally, after laying there and getting more and more pissed that someone can't understand they have the wrong number, I fall asleep.

This morning, there were 11 missed calls, two unrepeatable text messages to the effect that she hoped his sorry ass was enjoying the b*tch he was cheating with, and two voice messages that indicated a high level of either drug or alcohol induced rage. Whoever this guy is, his sorry *ss is in BIG trouble. Home girl is going to tear him a new one. In fact, I wonder if I'll see something on the news later about it.

It's funny, but sad too. This woman was pissed off and venting her rage. Yet, she was venting it to the wrong person. I wonder if her boyfriend/husband/whatever was really out cheating or if it's all a big mistake. At any rate, she thinks she told him off good, but she didn't. She told my husband off. Her man has no idea she's out to get him.

So have you ever been the victim of mistaken identity? Was it funny or scary? Could you see potential plot ideas in it?