Not ignoring the blog, just busy trying to finish up loose ends before the inlaws arrive next week. Right after they leave, I head for the RWA National conference in Dallas. The next couple of weeks are busy, busy.

Today, I'm waiting for a mattress delivery. Not fun, but the inlaws need a bed to sleep on, so I have to do it. 🙂

Yesterday, Prez. Bush was in Northern Alabama. People lined the streets near the airport to watch for Air Force One. I used to live within a mile of AF One's hangar on Andrews, so seeing it wasn't a big priority for me. I remember when the 747 was new, in fact, and they built the hangar to accomodate the bigger plane (there are 2, I think, maybe more now).

I did see it leave, not on purpose, but simply because I walked out of a store and saw it climbing. It is a beautiful plane. My second thought was to call my hubby and tell him he could take the highway home. Some folks are glad Bush came here, others don't care, and yet others managed to protest his policies. I'm just glad he was here and gone in the space of a few hours. I don't miss living in Washington for anything.