Saturday was the Heart of Dixie RWA meeting. Have I said how much I love HOD? This is a committed, enthusiastic, sharing group of women (and one man). The group boasts more than one NYT bestselling writer as well as some fabulous authors who will get onto that list someday I am certain. And I can't forget the unpublished writers who are dedicated and professional and who will also sell books and have careers because they won't give up on their dreams. A talented, inspiring group to say the least.

Saturday, our guest speaker, a computer professional, talked about websites for writers. Very informative! I learned a lot. (My website, for instance, is in serious need of revamping. I'll have to work on that.)

But you know what he said that had me thinking? He said that blogs are a timesink and not usually worth the trouble (I've talked about this before, but hearing it from a pro made me think about it even more). They can be, when the author has a clear purpose and a goal (such as promoting upcoming releases, holding contests, etc). As daily diaries, not so much. They take away from the writing.

And then I started looking around that room at those NYT bestselling writers. Not one of them has a blog. So I thought about the other published authors in the room. Only one that I know of blogs. The rest do not.

Other NYTBSWs do blog, so that's not necessarily a definitive example. But it's something to think about. Writing comes first. (And I've already spent at least half an hour editing this post. Things that make you go hmmm.)