Long before the world heard of USBs and plug-n-play (well, okay, early 90s — not too long ago, but still), I would walk upstairs to Waldenbooks on my break with a fellow sales associate who also loved books. Inevitably, I'd stand at the window and say, “I wish I could just plug my brain into this store and have all these books inside my head instantly.” He agreed, but since that wasn't possible, we'd go inside and find our favorite sections. Mine were romance and writing and his was sci/fi and fantasy. After spending as long as we could, we'd head for the register with at least one book, sometimes several.

And, dammit, I still can't plug in and download. I have way too many books, and not enough time to read them all. I'm trying to update my Books Read section, and it's really not as pitiful as it looks. But I can't remember all the books I've read since I last updated and so I'm stuck plugging them in piecemeal.

I'm also looking at what I still have to read and wondering if I'll ever catch up. New releases happen all the time, of people I like and want to support, and I hardly ever read the book immediately. If you are published and I've linked to you, believe me I have a book of yours to read. 🙂

Today, I'm reading a book about teaching, a romantic suspense novel, and a vampire romance. What are you reading?