Well, I did it. I plunged back into the WIP, after too much time away, and the ideas are coming along. One thing about being uncontracted is that you can spend way too much time writing a book. Too much time procrastinating and gallivanting off in the meadows.

Contracted writers don't have that luxury. They have to write the book. They have to come up with new ideas and write new books and they have to deliver to an agent and an editor on a schedule.

It's easy to say that we'll be more disciplined when we have a contract, but the time really is now. It's the persistent writers who succeed. The ones who write regularly (notice I did not say every day, because not everyone is the same), who move forward and stop revising the first novel they ever wrote (I stopped that a long time ago, but I know people….).

Back to the grindstone then. I'm on deadline. 🙂