Once again, I've fallen into the morass and failed to write a new blog post for 19 20 days. I hate this! I've been busy, naturally. Found a house, bought it, waiting for it to finish being built, waiting to close, waiting to get my household goods, etc. Keeping up with my husband, who now wears suits and ties to work everyday instead of a uniform. Now you wouldn't think that would be such a biggie, but the utility uniform of the military, aka the BDU (battle dress uniform), doesn't need much attention. Wash, dry, run an iron over it, wear. Easy.

Now, however, shirts must be washed. Slacks must be pressed. Jackets must be coordinated. Ties are a whole new challenge. The hubby used to iron the uniform himself. Now, however, I seem to have taken over the suit and tie thing, mostly because I'm the color-coordinated one I suspect. Oh, and because I don't have to get up and drive 20 miles to work every day. 🙂 *sigh*

I haven't written a word in more than a month. I missed my last RWA meeting because I was too busy, too exhausted, and had more house paperwork to sign. I somehow stupidly decided to pursue a graduate certificate (don't ask) which is currently demanding up to 25 tasks per week and 100+ pages of reading. It's over this week, thank goodness, and I'm not sure if I'll take the next class in sequence or just say forget it for now.

Found out that one of the entries I judged for the GH is a finalist. Yay! Never managed to get off my butt and get my own entry into the GH, though maybe this year I'll finally have it together. Did I ever mention that I'm going to Dallas for National this year? I've registered and bought the plane ticket, and been taken in by the wonderful Writing Playground group as a roomie. And, dammit, I'm getting myself in gear and writing again NEXT WEEK. As soon as this stupid class is over, I'm writing. My wonderful critique partner probably thinks I've abandoned her. 🙁 I'm almost afraid to email her to find out.

Hey, so now that it's Spring, what's your favorite thing about it? I'd forgotten how much I love the new colors when everything is so fresh and tender. The trees and flowers here are just gorgeous. Alabama is turning even prettier than I'd thought it would be. We're pretty pleased with our decision to move here, even if we miss our Hawai'i ohana.

Aloha y'all. 🙂