Cue Eddie Money. He sang about a rainy night, but today is a rainy day here in No. Alabama. I don't mind. Sometimes, a rainy day is perfect because you just want to sit inside with a book and no pressure to go anywhere or do anything.

Today, I hope to get some writing done. It's perfect writing weather. The rain is coming down pretty steady, the day is gray, and it's pretty. I didn't enjoy 37 straight days of rain in Hawaii (no one did), but I'm liking it here today.

I've discovered that many writers I know find rainy or snowy days peaceful and conducive to working on their stories. Why is that do you think? Is it because things seem quiet to us? Because we can't see the world passing by and we can't feel guilty for staying inside to write on a slow day?

Maybe that's why some writers work better at night too. It's quiet and peaceful. When I wrote my first book, I did it at night. I worked very well that way. I worked the day job, usually a swing shift from 1 to 10, then came home and stayed up until 6 AM sometimes writing. Since then, I've transitioned to writing during the day, though I often get my best ideas toward the late afternoon/early evening. When that happens, I keep writing, though I don't usually write late at night anymore. I think it's a matter of training the mind to work when you want it to. That can be difficult at first, no doubt about it. But I can't imagine writing through the night anymore, so I must have made the transition successfully. 🙂

So, while it's raining and the world seems quiet, think I'll immerse myself into the fictional world I've created and see what happens next. Aloha and happy writing!