How do you get into the writing groove after some time away? Or, even worse, after a major life change?

Because I've had both in the latter days of 2006 and I still haven't found the groove. Partly, having a husband home 24/7 interrupts my routine. Then again, living in someone else's house doesn't help either. I don't have my couch, my books, my things. It's strange, and somewhat disconcerting. I'm a traveler, but a semi-permanent guest as well. I have suitcases and boxes, but no return ticket.

I have a project on the burner that needs to get cooking. I'm looking at it and wondering, “Where was I going with this?” I am not an outliner or plotter, so I have no path planned. Just a few notes in my writing journal where I sketched out what I thought was happening.

I hate that I got sidetracked. I also know it was unavoidable. The last month in Hawaii was a whirlwind. Every day since we've arrived here has been by turns frustrating, busy, or monotonous. So much to do and nothing to do. We're in a hurry up and wait situation. I don't do well with uncertainty.

How do you restart the steam engine when it's sitting on the tracks waiting for things to come to a boil?