I owe some emails, I know, but I'm finally beginning to emerge from moving hell and I wanted to pop in here with a post to that effect. I have missed blogging! I have missed everyone! I have missed writing!

The hard parts of the move are done for now, but there's more hard stuff to come in the future (job, house, unpacking, etc). We are in Alabama, experiencing Southern hospitality and wonderful food, enjoying the company of family, and finding the weather isn't all that bad after all. My feet are a bit miffed about having to wear shoes, but I'll adapt. 🙂 I've even managed to wear my flip flops a couple of times since being here (see, weather not bad).

I miss Hawaii, but not as badly as I thought I might. It's a great place, but it's small and after awhile the adventure factor drops to nil. Here, we've got so much to explore and experience that it's almost overwhelming. Like driving to Atlanta to get our car a couple of weeks ago. It was simply amazing to be able to drive so far in one direction on highways without tons of traffic (until Atlanta, of course, where the traffic became very thick; oh, and Birmingham, where the drivers all seem to be in training for Talladega).

My goals in the next couple of weeks are to get this blog back into shape, start working on my manuscript again, get in touch with the people who emailed me about critiquing (hope y'all still want to critique!), and just generally get back in touch with the writerly things I love to do. So look for updates to my profile and maybe a template and name change. 🙂

How about you? What have you been doing to get ready for the holidays? I love this time of year, whether I'm in the tropics or in a place where the grass is brown and the trees have no leaves (but it isn't cold, hallelujah!). It's about beginnings to me, starting a new year fresh, with new goals and plans and opportunities to accomplish dreams. So I'm really looking forward to a fresh start and having 2007 be the year I get some things done that I've wanted to do. I'm also looking forward to joining a new RWA chapter and meeting new friends, as well as keeping in touch with old friends and sharing in their writers' journeys.

Aloha and Mele Kalikimaka!