I don't really have time to write my own brilliant (I wish) post today, so here's a sampling of stuff from some of the blogs I like:

Want to know how booksellers decide which books to order? Check out Bookseller Chick's post from a few days ago. Very insightful.

Who's the craziest self-promoter in the book biz? JA Konrath, of course. Go check out his posts from the 500 bookstore tour and thank God you're at home reading about his stints in roach motels instead of doing the same yourself. (Okay, I'm sort of kidding. I admire Joe and his enthusiasm, and I read with awe. You go, dude!)

For another take on promotion, check out the fabulous and insightful Alison Kent. This post is really good. Alison discusses promotion and writing the best book possible. I like the way she thinks, and I'm always pondering the hows and whys of this stuff. Joe is incredible with what he does, and Alison is incredible at what she does. Maybe it all depends on the individual? I'll be darned if I know the answer, but I do like reading the different opinions.

Diana Peterfreund is in the midst of a book launch and she's having all sorts of fun over at her blog, so go check out what it's like to be a debut author.

Need help with a word choice? I have Dictionary.com's Word of the Day on my feeds. It's fun. Today's word:

limn: to draw or paint; also, to describe.

And, finally, to end on a shocking note, here's an NPR program I saved but haven't listened to yet about why Nabokov's Lolita remains shocking and a favorite.