These tips come from a book called The Pocket Muse by Monica Wood.

1. Don't wait for inspiration; establish a writing habit.

2. Take time off.

3. Read voraciously.

4. Shut out the inner critic

5. Claim a space.

6. Claim some time.

7. Accept rejection.

8. Expect success.

9. Live fully.

10. Wish others well.

Which of these do you have the most trouble with? I'm working on incorporating them all, but I think I have more trouble with getting over rejection than with accepting the idea I got rejected. When writing, I probably don't read as voraciously as I should. This is because I'm staring at the screen and trying to figure out what comes next. I'll start reading many books, and won't finish half of them.

And, oh my, number 9. I forget which day of the week it is when I'm into a manuscript. I've been known to lose an entire week (just ask my friend, who I briefly had convinced that he'd rushed a week when in fact I'd lost one). I've also been known to shed dress sizes during the manic phase of writing (I don't mind that one).

Any other commandments you'd add?