My poor honey was exhausted last night. He went to the set at 9 and didn't finish until nearly 7. He had lots to share, but I'm not sure I processed it all correctly. Basically, they arrived, got into costume, got dusted (literally) and smudged up by the makeup people, got driven up to the set, and spent the rest of the day filming and refilming and refilming again. Every scene has to be filmed from several angles, so there was a lot of redoing the same things over.

But, he isn't a medic. They took one look at my 6'2″ hubby and decided he'd make a good prison guard. So, he shoved people and looked menacing. He got called back for four scenes, so maybe one will make it into the show. In one scene, he said he's coming down a tunnel, his prisoner in front of him, and behind him is Naveen Andrews (it's pronounced Na-vaughn, apparently). In other scenes, he's walking toward Naveen and they pass each other. I told him his back will probably get on tv. 🙂

They had a good time though. Naveen is a nice guy and posed with them for a group shot. Now, I have admitted to not watching the show. Mike doesn't watch either. When his coworkers were pointing out the star, Mike had no clue who it was. When he showed me this photo, however, I said, “Wait a minute, that guy looks familiar.” Sure enough, he played the part of Kip in The English Patient. I LOVED that movie! I loved the romance between him and Juliette Binoche. When he takes her to the church and pulls her around on the ropes–ohmigosh! Love that.

Mike has watched that movie with me more than once and he still didn't recognize Naveen. Sheesh. And I thought I was bad.

L to R: Mike Landry, Mike Harris (who is not standing at his full height), Naveen Andrews, Pete St. Luce, not sure who this guy is but I think he's one of the cast members, Tony Audrey (kneeling)

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