Merry Christmas, everyone! We've had a bright, green, sunny Christmas day here in Hawaii. After talking to family all morning, we put on shorts and went to Don Ho's Island Grill for lunch. Then it was off to the movies (we changed into jeans–gets cold inside the theater) to see King Kong. KK was sold out, so we opted for Syriana. Glad we did. George Clooney hits another home run. Fabulous movie.

When the movie was over, we went to Waikiki and strolled along the beach. Waikiki was packed with tourists, but we had fun anyway. Mike took pictures for a Japanese couple who wanted to pose together in front of the Sheraton, and we sat on a bench and watched the waves roll in. And now we're home, winding down and wondering if we should go see Munich or Memoirs of a Geisha tomorrow….