Didn't mean to be gone a whole week, but the holidays do that to a body don't they? We had a good Thanksgiving, a long and fun weekend, and I've spent the last two days working hard on the newsletter I edit.

In fact, I've realized I'm going to need to make some hard decisions come January about what I can and cannot do next year. As incoming Aloha Chapter president, I'll have plenty to keep me busy. When I mentioned writing an article on-spec for another publication recently, Mike nearly hit the roof.

“No more giving away your writing for a clip. You've got enough already, and you need to work on selling your novels.”

Um, yeah, he's right. December is bad for getting anything done, so I'll content myself with less. Maybe I'll put together a business plan. I had one, but I never wrote it down so it didn't seem real. This time, I'll write it down and refer to it daily.

Someone asked me recently if I got more writing done because I lived in a warm and sunny place year round. Er, no. In fact, it's kind of like those spring school days where you sat at your desk and gazed out the window at the birds and grass and imagined yourself frolicking. Except there's no teacher keeping me in that classroom now. 😉