Sunday afternoon, the aircraft carrier USS Nimitz sailed into Pearl Harbor. Monday, I got a tour. It was waaaaay too darned cool. I have tons of pics, but not enough time to upload more than a couple.

This has been a busy week for me. I was elected President of the Aloha Chapter of the Romance Writers of America, we had our annual luncheon last weekend, I had a newsletter to get out this week (not the chapter's), met with my friend Michael for lunch and a discussion of the chapter's Strong Currents 2 anthology (which will be out in time for Valentine's Day), met with my writers' group last night, and I'm in the process of starting a readers' group–actually, it was someone else's idea, but I'm trying to drum up interest in it with people I know. Whew!

Tomorrow night is the Iz tribute at the Blaisdell, and Mike and I are planning to go. Saturday is the HPR event. So, I shan't be around too much over the next few days. Hopefully, I'll have time to catch up next week.

I leave you with a picture of me on the flight deck of the Nimitz, standing in front of an F-18 (I think). I sorely regretted wearing jeans, let me tell you. It was hot, hot, hot up there. At least I had on my slippahs, though I learned later that I wasn't supposed to wear them. Mike failed to inform me of that before I left the house. I'm glad no one realized I wasn't wearing shoes and made me stay on the dock. I'd have been seriously ticked off. 🙂