From the NYT comes this gem:

Rulebooks of English grammar are not generally known for their longevity, or for their ability to implant themselves in the broader cultural imagination. But as even William Strunk Jr. and E. B. White conceded, every rule has its exceptions.


At a rehearsal last week, the tenor Matt Hensrud stood on the elevated catwalk of he library's reading room and sang mellifluously of punctuation and orthography. “Do not use a hyphen between words that can better be written as one word: ‘water-fowl, waterfowl,' ” he intoned, his voice echoing in the churchlike acoustics. He was joined by the soprano Abby Fischer for some tenderly turned philology: “The steady evolution of the language seems to favor union: two words eventually become one.”

Yes, they have made The Elements of Style into a musical. What a hoot!