I admit it, I google people. When someone tells me something about himself, I google him to see what comes up. I hate it when someone tells me things, wonderful things, and I type in a name and get–nothing. This happened recently. I googled myself to double check the accuracy of the method. Yep, I get things on me, though there are some things (my romantic suspense novella) that don't appear, so I know the method isn't foolproof. But I thought I'd get something on this person. Nope, nothing. Did he fib? Maybe.

But, if you follow Miss Snark at all, you know that she will google you if you query her and say wonderful things about yourself. She will check for accuracy, and if those wonderful things don't appear, she'll cross you off as a desperate, dishonest writer. And she ain't the only one. Apparently, this is somewhat common in New York, especially if you claim fantastical things that can be checked out with ease.

Never say you were once shortlisted for the Man Booker Prize if you aren't a) Irish or a citizen of the Commonwealth (whatever that means), and b) it ain't true. Don't say I didn't tell you. 🙂