If you're a romance writer, you're probably familiar with Charlotte Dillon's wonderful website for writers. Charlotte is from Louisiana and was affected by Katrina. Follow this link to help her out….

Another good link is the Episcopal Diocese of Mississippi's list of needed items if you want to box something up and send it to those in need. Also, the Episcopal Relief and Development website is a good place to contribute. These are just a couple of sites in addition to the usual places people go to donate.

Family update: Grandma is well. Middle brother had to go track her down and make sure. She wasn't where the Red Cross said she was, so he camped out at their doorstep until they found her. Youngest brother is in Georgia with his family. He went back to Louisiana to rescue their kitties too. He and I haven't spoken in over 10 years (long story), but he's a good person and I'm glad he's well.

Middle brother had to buy a generator for the house because they still don't have power. No damage, but no power either.