Finally, Mike deigns to visit my blog. I have no idea why since I've had the darn thing for about two months now. But, he does. What's he say to me about it? Lessee, he thinks I'm neurotic and need help. Uh, pot, kettle, black, dude. Takes one to know one and all that. And don't come back if you're just gonna be critical. (Though he did leave me a sweet note on the tagboard.)

This weekend was a bomb. Mike was home sick on Thursday and Friday, and then I hosted my other writing group on Saturday. That was the bright spot in an otherwise annoying weekend. Michael and Sally came over at 10. I made a pot of Kona and some cinnamon buns and we sat down in the living room to get busy. I read from a short story I'd gotten bogged down in. Michael also had a short story that he's half finished with, and Sally had the first chapter of a YA novel set in Waikiki.

Michael's going to the Maui Writers' Conference in a few days. He's rooming with a writer from my other group, a lovely African-American woman who doesn't take one bit of nonsense from anyone. It's a changed world, isn't it, when a white man and a black woman who aren't romantically involved can room together at a writers' conference and we all think that's perfectly normal? I love it.

Why do I upload so many pictures of water? Partly, because I am surrounded by it. Probably because it's a metaphor for my life right now. I'm trying to keep my head above water and typically not doing a good job of it. I need a vacation. I know it looks like I'm living a vacation, but I'm not. Like a woman (who became a friend) told me when I first arrived here, “People don't realize that just because you live in Hawaii, you haven't stopped having problems and insecurities.” Living in Hawaii doesn't make life perfect. You still have problems, but your mainland friends are a lot less sympathetic.

And wow, don't I sound neurotic today? But it was a stressful weekend. Since I am not allowed to blog about it, no explanations forthcoming. I'll get over it in a day or two and life will be normal again.