I have a split writing personality, a Dr. Jekyll/Mrs. Hyde thing, that insists on manifesting itself with every book. Dr. Jekyll can write at the speed of light. Her drafts are clean, clear, and fast. If left to her own devices, she could write 400 pages in a month or so (she once did 115 in a week, and 350 in a month). I like her a lot.

Mrs. Hyde, however, usually shows up when Dr. Jekyll is on a break. Mrs. Hyde insists that pages written that fast can't be any good. Mrs. Hyde convinces me to change things, to add things, to subtract things, to entirely rewrite from a new perspective the same scene I just wrote. I don't like her much at all. In fact, she bogs the book down in endless revision. A book that Dr. Jekyll completed in a couple of months can occupy Mrs. Hyde for a year. She is evil. She must be stopped.