BAC = big ass centipede. Okay, so it wasn't that big, but I still don't like finding one in my hallway in the morning, nor do I like picking it up with tongs and hauling it to the toilet only to wind up dropping it and having to scramble to pick it up again before it can get away. Eeeeek! This sort of crisis demands a man. The man was inconveniently at work, however, and I was alone with the ghastly creature. By Hawaii standards, it was little. Probably two inches long max. Fortunately, the three times a 5+ incher has been inside, hubby has been available. Best story of all is my friend who found the 14 inch centipede in her guest bathroom. She threw the centipede AND the tongs into the drain in front of her house. I'm glad it wasn't me battling that monster.

I'm still battling the cold. I'm not happy about it either. I have an article due in a few hours and I can't pull it together. It's written, but I'm not happy with it. Hubby will have to preview for me. More later…..