Hubby forced me to take NyQuil two nights in a row. I hate that stuff. Yuck! I wrote a nice entry yesterday, complete with the Reno dustup news, but lost it when the new router he recently installed decided to go offline while uploading. Pissed off I was. So, I no longer have the energy to write it all again, but if you want to know about it and maybe you've been in a cave somewhere, check out Alison Kent's blog and the links therein. She's got it all there. Read the last several posts and the comments and follow the links. If you haven't heard it all before, it's an amazing story of ineptitude, buck passing, and who the heck knows what really happened to create such a conflagration. Suffice it to say that I would not want the Queen of Romance, aka Nora Roberts, ticked off at me.

I have had a miserable week so far. This cold is kicking my butt. I am missing critique tonight, which is probably just as well. Saturday is the Aloha Chapter meeting. Our guest speaker is a local news reporter, Denby Fawcett, who is also one of the authors of War Torn: Stories of War by the Women Who Reported the Vietnam War. I'm gonna have to dig out my copy of Karnow's Vietnam and refresh myself. I read that book for a graduate level history class, and boy am I glad I did. Best overview of the Vietnam War, what caused it and why we lost, etc. Extremely interesting parallels between what went on there and what's going on in Iraq today.

Not much else to report. Read Gayle Wilson's Take No Prisoners in one sitting and enjoyed it very much. I'm glad she's the next RWA prez. She writes like a sensible, no nonsense kind of lady. Yes, you can tell that much about a writer by reading her books. Picked up Jamie Sobrato's latest Blaze, Sexy All Over simply because the opening hooked me: “When Naomi Taylor found her boyfriend sitting naked at her computer in the middle of the night, she first thought he'd gotten lost on his way to the bathroom.” Now HOW can you put that down? I couldn't.