You know it's a good book when you don't have any clue where the time went. Started Julie Kenner's Carpe Demon at the beach today. Just finished it a few minutes ago. Could NOT put it down. That is the mark of a darned fine book in my opinion. So what if there was one scene I thought didn't fit (a short one about a playdate) or if I thought it was over too fast. It was GOOD. I will definitely read another book about Kate Connor. I did figure out the bad guy, but there were enough misdirections to keep me wondering. What a fun read! I want to know more about Kate, what happened to Eric, etc. I look forward to Ms. Kenner's next Kate Connor book. I see where the movie rights have been sold. I'd love to see a movie, but afraid I will have to forgo it if it gets made. No doubt Hollywood will go the full monty with gore and demons and demon-slaying, and my delicate (okay, fraidy-cat) constitution can't take that. I am like the only kid who didn't go see those Nightmare on Elm Street movies. Or the Friday the Thirteenth movies.

I once risked extreme outcast-dom by going to see a stupid freaking Jerry Lewis movie when my friends went to the scary movie (um, not to seem old or anything, but I believe our movie theater back then in that particular place only had two screens — LOL!). We got to the theater, the choice was scary movie and Jerry Lewis, and I wigged out and went Jerry while they went for scary. Okay, maybe Jerry as a mailman is pretty scary too (that's all I remember about that scarring experience). But I knew what I didn't like and couldn't handle and damn if any amount of peer pressure could get me to do what I knew would terrify me. Hell, they scared me bad enough talking about the dang movie afterward. I think all of this springs from seeing The Excorcist at the age of 8. My mom was so pissed at the neighbors who let me watch it, and believe me, I had nightmares and trouble sleeping for a year after. The funny thing was, I didn't see the movie. I got so scared I left the room and my imagination took over, especially when my friends kept telling me what happened. Oh what a wimpy child!