Feeling much better today. Life is great, book is going, I do not suck as a writer, my story does not suck, and blah blah blah. 🙂 What caused this miraculous turn around in mood? Oh, many things I am sure, but last night I picked up a book I'd started to read last week and so much of it made sense for where I was in my thinking at that moment. Neill D. Hicks's Screenwriting 101 is a must-read in Lynn's world. 🙂 The parts of the book about screen story are great. He breaks it all down to the most basic elements of what needs to appear on screen to satisfy the audience. Doesn't take much imagination to think of your book in the same terms. I jotted so many story notes while I was reading, and this morning I knew what to write. The part about cognitive dissonance really made so much sense to me. When you keep that in mind, you can write just about any situation and make it work for character conflict. Hicks explains it really well in story terms too.

Kind of wondering about my parents right now. After twenty years of living in Europe, they've finally returned to the States to live in Alabama. The last email I got was from Atlanta and nothing else in two days. I wonder if the culture shock is too much for them….

I have to run off to the store soon. And the post office. Why oh why can't I have a maid and a personal assistant? I have a needy cat and a husband who can't find anything. The other day, after he accused me of misplacing his pager whilst cleaning, I made him call the damn thing. It was in his gym bag, a place I never go. Still doesn't stop him from asking me–the instant he can't find something–where it is. I am the all-seeing, all-knowing household goddess. Ha!