1. I am not a bad writer.
2. I can and will finish this book.
3. I can and must and will write this blasted thesis, even if I am terrified of one of the readers (oh yes, got that signed contract back with mentor–adore him–and two readers, one I don't know and one who scares the pants off me).
4. Can't sell if you don't submit. Like duh! But I keep putting it off because I need to do just one more thing….
5. Running 2 miles is a pain in the butt. And legs. And lungs.
6. Men are silly–hubby just had to have new Nike Free shoes, even though he bought new running shoes two months ago. Nike Free shoes weigh like 4 ounces each and look something like a sock. It's a running shoe, though. It's supposed to be like running barefoot. The latest thing, apparently.
7. I need a maid. Not getting one though. First need an income.
8. My fat butt needs to get back to the gym. Pronto.
9. I have a terrible time getting back to work after the weekend. Must work through weekend from now on. Should be easy to do with hubby working on MBA. In theory, anyway.
10. Reading blogs is addictive. Must learn better time management skills.