I miss my Kitty. That's her picture under my profile. Miss Kitty was 19 and 1/2 years old when we had her put to sleep on New Year's Eve 2004. I can honestly say that was one of the WORST days of my life. I had that cat for 18 of those years, and I loved her so much. I still get upset (like now) and I still miss her terribly and it's 7 months ago now. She was my baby. We went through so much together. Hell, we grew up together in many ways. I was 19 when I got her and I'm nearly twice that now. I had her for half my life.

What started this maudlin trip? The picture of Kara Lennox with her cat on Romancing the Blog. Miss Kitty was a tortoiseshell and she had an orange stripe just like that on her head. Same place and everything. I was shocked, belive me, when I clicked on that page this morning. Miss Kitty's face wasn't as light, but wow, what a close match.

Hubby misses her too, though he doesn't understand the tears and all that after so long. I can't help it. I never want to go through that again, as in standing in that vet's office and making that decision. I wish she'd died peacefully in her sleep, but it wasn't to be. She had kidney failure and heart failure and still she held on and tried to keep living. Broke my friggin' heart.

I still have my Thumper, who is 15, but our relationship just isn't the same. I adore him and now I worry about him leaving me too, but we don't interact quite the same as Miss Kitty and I did.

Even my husband was shocked over the pic of Kara's cat today. I guess that's why Kitty's on my mind, and why I'm going to have to explain in the next 10 minutes when hubby sees me why I have tear-streaked cheeks. I hate explaining it to him, because he is a man and so much more unemotional than me. I'm not sure he believes me when I tell him that emotion doesn't equal weakness.